Market Research in China

China is the world’s second largest economy with over 1.3 billion people. As China’s economy continues to evolve, SIS International Research is a leading firm in the region providing research support, guidance, analysis.

SIS International Research is a leading market research and market intelligence firm with over 30 years of experience in providing fieldwork, data collection and strategic research solutions.

We help companies to better understand their customers, markets, competition, supply chains and industries through research and insight.

Our regional headquarters are in the center of Shanghai China, and SIS has satellite offices in Hong Kong, Beijing and Singapore as well as other offices in Asia such as Manila and Ahmedabad.

Key solutions include:

  • New Product Concept research
  • Loyalty & segmentation research
  • Growth research
  • Advertising research and testing
  • Fieldwork
  • Data collection
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Branding insights
  • Strategic Repositioning research
  • Ethnography
  • Market Assessment
  • Surveys


Our primary research methods include qualitative, quantitative, analytics, social media and other tools.   SIS provides focus group, fieldwork solutions and secondary research across China.

Our key points of differentiation include high quality project management, economies of scale, cost competitiveness and our strong reputation.

SIS国际市场研究是全球领先的市场研究公司,提供全方位的服务,涉及市场情报,市场机会研究,品牌研究,供应链研究和战略研究。公司服务超过50个行业, 主要用在 消费市场, B2B,医疗,保健,工业,汽车,金融服务,教育,食品和饮料,化工及能源,房地产,IT科技,保险,建筑,零售,媒体,娱乐,快速消费品,航空航天与国防,旅行和旅游业等。请联系。 让我们对你的组织增加更多优势。